• So i went to install a fuel mix screw in my 08 250x and it dosnt look like the...

    So i went to install a fuel mix screw in my 08 250x and it dosnt look like the stock one is removable? Help

    • Take float bowl off and then unscrew the old one. Put float bowl back on and then screw in the new one. New one should have a slot for a screwdriver or an aftermarket one with a knob.

    • Dang was really trying to avoid pulling the entire carb. I can rotate the carb just enough to reach the fuel screw with a screw driver but there's no slot.. ugh guess I'll have to tare it apart

    • You might be able to wiggle it to get bowl off. Have done it on early models.

    • It's just a block off You can take it out

    • You should be able to drill that out so you can get to it

    • Does it not have a flat side to the screw? Most are removable with the little D tool. Don't bother putting anything else back but an R&D flex jet fuel screw. Always easily adjustable. No fear of it ever falling out.

    • Do as Brian Puse IIIsaid and all will work. pull float bowl to get old one out.

    • I'm going to pull the carb anywya and replace my broken hot start cable. So I will remove the bowl and use pliers to get it out. I'm stopping by rocky Mountains winchester wear house tomorrow and going to pick up a few pilot jets

    • Just unscrew and watch out for a spring,small flat washer and an o ring in the hole or still on the part you just took out.

    • I heated up a butt connector and stuck it on there to remove mine. It was very easy all I had to do was rotate the carb. Boom.

    • I heard of someone else doing that but because my jet kit came with the tool I forgot about it. Smart.