So if every rider eventually drops their bike Why is it that every bike that s...


So if every rider eventually drops their bike. Why is it that every bike that's for sale has never been dropped? I think there's some shenanigans afoot.

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  • Not yet knock on wood but there is always that first time

  • 2 types of bikes. 1 that's been dropped and 1 that's going to be dropped. I dropped mine 3x's. Embarrassed to admit i was standing still every time but once. Lol

  • ^Don't be embarrassed lol I have seen OG bikers that's been riding all their lives drop it.

  • I dropped my stretched bike going like 1 mph turning into a gravel driveway. Never dropped my shadow though

  • Took me 10 years before I dropped a eventually happens.

  • My current bike has never been dropped... my last bike was never dropped by me. the one before was a drop whore though. Everyone who touched her dropped her at least once.

  • No response either way cause i dont want to jinx myself

  • My thread was more about hiw people lie when they sell their bike

  • Pete Goodwin I hate it when people lie to sell a bike. I'd rather know the issues, then have to find them out on my own. If i think you are cagey, my offer just dropped way down on that assumption.

  • Exactly

  • Especially when there are "Mystery Dents"

  • Or when I stalk your facebook, and see you post about having dropped the bike 6 months ago, that I am looking at today, that has "Never Been Dropped" But, Ya know, facebook stalker and whatnot.

  • No exactly my point...every ad on craigslist says never been dropped..but we all say that we drop our bikes at least once.

  • you can usually tell if a bike has been dropped just by looking at it

  • I've actually never dropped mine in ten years

  • Dropped mine the second I first got her home. I was standing still, on the grass, deciding should I park here, or there (as I lean while looking behind me). In slow motion I felt gravity take