So im new to the motorcycle world Got a 2008 Vt750C2 Id like to black out a...

So im new to the motorcycle world. Got a 2008 Vt750C2. Id like to black out a lot of it. Never have been a huge fan of shiny chrome. Anyone have any good tips. Metal parts will be simple, sissy bar frame and such. I know the exhaust will more than likely need to be bought black. My question is the plastic covers for everything. Is there a place that sells them in black? I havent been able to find it. If not, how difficult is painting over the shiny. Any tips or tricks or advice is welcome.

  • Metal parts can be powder coated, special pc is available for exhaust. Plastics require more work to sand and paint.

  • Thats what i was figuring. Sanding and painting doesnt bother me. Just didnt know if there was anything in particular.

  • I've "heard of" the possibility of de-plating the chrome from the plastic (ABS), but I looked all over Seattle for a place to do it and came up dry. Most plating shops want to make money, not help DIY guys. I think you can also forget the various online home remedies that claim you can soak the parts in bleach, etc. There are several online claims that you can set up your own de-plating tank using a battery charger and a vat of acid, but that seemed like more trouble than sanding and painting.

  • This has been on my VStar for about four years...(was chrome)

  • Thanks Tom. Did you sand down to bare plastic or just enough to scuff the chrome. Ive done plenty of metal painting. Never any plastics

  • The chrome is extremely tough stuff. You probably can't get through it without hurting the plastic. I sanded just enough to scuff the surface, which itself requires substantial effort. I used primer, and matte black spray from the auto parts store.

  • I cheated and just paid someone to do it lol. Cost me just over $300 and they came up a treat :-)

  • Here's how it all looks on the bike. And I found the easiest and cheapest way to black the exhaust was to just wrap it

  • Man that looks nice. A buddy of mine got an Indian Dark Horse and i fell in love with the all black. So im going to slowly work at blacking mine oit

  • Make sure you use a bond coat before the primer.

  • Never heard of that