• So in my very finite wisdom I used the rear grab bar to hold up the back of the...

    So in my very finite wisdom, I used the rear grab bar to hold up the back of the v65 sabre while putting in new rear shock. Its not made for this - as I've learned with the new crack I've created. Anyone looking to sell a grab bar for a v65 sabre, let me know, thanks!

    • That's crazy because both my 84's and my 85 have aluminum ones...

    • Not mine. Its like a pot metal im sure. I now it's not Aluminum. Dont know for sure if you can see the breaks in the back black part or not. But its all broken up.

    • Nay, ya can't see it at all. It's broken right where it bolts on.

    • pot and aluminum mix broke mine loading it in the back of the truck the day i got it

    • I noticed more than usual corrosion on them, one I even notched out for my backrest...

    • i like the F1 pipes i still have the ones that came with mine

    • I'm debating on putting the chrome ones off my magna on the sabre... I like the sound better

    • That part by the tail light (if this is what you're talking about) is plastic and not designed to do anything but look good. The grab rail is the black metal part from the side, right behind the seat. Get yourself some of this to repair the cowl. This is the best plastic repair stuff I've ever used. http://www.plast-aid.com/

    • Thats cool. But if your talking about mine. The plastic is broke and that plastic- aid looks GREAT to fix it. But the black grab handle is all broken up also.But thanks for the tip on that plast-aid Bill Martin.

    • My comment was directed towards Raymond. Plast-aid will not do anything for the metal rail but it is A1 for plastic repair. It bonds with the plastic and is sandable in about 30 minutes and paintable. I had to use a wood chisel to shape one part better. The metal rails come up pretty frequently on ebay.