• So iv done 475 miles and when i drop the clutch in 1st as i normally would to...

    So iv done 475 miles.. and when i drop the clutch in 1st as i normally would to pop up a wheelie.. its like the clutch is slipping as not all the power goes straight to the wheels like before now.. :/ ?

    • Did u upgrade your clutch plate and springs ? Check your clutch plates could of wore out the friction pads

    • Nope not upgraded

    • 475 miles from new? if so mate wait until after your 600 service to pop wheelies

    • Lol iv non stop ragged it

    • I'm not going to go into the break in argument cos everyone has a different opinion but I would not be popping wheelies during the break in period mines on 17K and the clutch never slips when popping it up, I doubt you have done damage in 500 miles unless you literally have been stunting it just wait for the oil change and see if anything changes

    • I'm sure it will be fine after it

    • Cheers man. Im in london instead of sheffield untill thursday night if u fancy a little ride ?:)

    • yeah mate if I'm free, where abouts are you?

    • Near jack

    • any chance your bike was parked outside dominoes in epping today?

    • How on earth did you know?

    • Stalking me or what hahaha

    • haha yeah mate in your bushes atm ;) went past it today

    • Ffs haahaha