SO just had a call from the garage about my bike as it looked like the oil seal...

SO just had a call from the garage about my bike as it looked like the oil seal on the filter had gone, turns out its not.

cranks case is FUCKED and is is the engine, no idea how as its not had a crash or anything like. needs a new engine.

any for sale on here CHEAP at all ?

not scrapping the bike wife wont allow it as she got it me as a wedding present and so forth plus just had shocks and all the barings replaced and rebuilt.

thoughts peeps need help bigtime and not much cash and im moving countries soon and need to sort ASAP

  • Did you hit debris in the road? do you have the little belly pan fitted?

  • i have a small belly pan and the hole is directly behind the starter motor ive just been informed so erm yeah not a clue how its happened. ive got a few options as it stands seel the bike for parts but dont have time to do it as im moving overseas end of march 1st week april, take it with me and take all the good shit off it and scrap the rest and put it onto another VTR or just sack it off and walk away i think :(

  • I have a complete engine , 16k mileage from a 1997 bike .

  • history with it and so forth mate ? plus what does and doesnt it come with so i can see whats right n wrong with mine along with whats the cost plus shipping ? im on south cost, n yeah i know its along way but collection aint an option :(

  • I paid £700 for this, rides great, goes well and engines spot on. Buy complete, take the engine, sell the bits on here...£750. (owes me around £900)

  • i assume you mean your selling that bike ?

  • Dan Banks depends how complete you want it , ie with carbs etc . I could maybe get it to Bournemouth with the help of a few work colleagues . Where you from buddy ?

  • Was selling the ZX12 and going back on VTR. Now keeping the ZX around a bit longer so may aswell let the Storm go...

  • i live about 20/25 mins north of bournemouth, carbs not really just lump really. depends on costings vs another cheap bike and bits so to speak

  • SO story goes on and on. got my bike back home she runs n sounds normal garage say there is NOTHING wrong with it except a crack behind the starter motor which pisses oil out of it while the bike runs but except for that she is all goo, the crack is too close the the gasket for top and bottom to be welded so thats out. need to sort a few bits of cash in the next day or 2 but new bike or engine needed atleast. :(

  • Just sent you a message, i think it may have gone to messenger instead of messages though :/

  • got it and sent back mate

  • Got a crashed VTR 99 plate with 8000 miles on the motor