• So. Let s talk about handling

    So. Let's talk about handling...

    Good set of tires, I don't commute. Only social dry weather riding. Something really grippy. That will give me more confidence on getting lower.

    Suspension. I heard about people using 30w oil in the front. Other than General tools will I need any special tools to drain the fluid?

    Is there anything I can do to stiffen the rear?

    Other than a new rear shock. If not. Any decent shocks about?

    :) thank you

    • For those that have seen me ride mine know i don't hang around. Everything (tyres and suspension wise) is as it came out of the show room, its all down to rider ability and confidence, apparently the Vee Runners can knock your confidence in the wet/cold but i don't ride in the wet so there fine for me. The only limiting factor in how far i lean are my pegs (rearsets/rigid pegs) if i start hitting them i will come off as it will unload the suspension, people have fitted bigger rear shocks to raise the bike but it don't bother me, when i start feeling my boots on the ground i know i am near the lean limit.

    • So stock seems fine then? I'm a big guy 6"4 and 19 stone lol many I just need more practice (and better clothing ) to get my confidence up

    • Yea Leon is quick whatever tyre he chooses. I personally really like the michelin city grip. Im not as fast but for overall riding they are spot on and the power pures also get a good review too but not tried them

    • Maybe rear shock change, i am almost 15 and some times 2 up on the grom and that really reduces the available lean angle

    • Buy a takegawa rear shock ask Ben Harman he can hook you up

    • At 19 stone I think the rear shock will actually be OK for you - for me at eleven stone it was too heavily damped and made the bike buck and weave. The tyres sap confidence in the wet big time, but are more or less OK in the dry. However, on michelin city grips I feel the bike is less wayward than on the vee rubbers, even on dry days.

      The forks are marginal for me, and are definitely going to be too soft at your size. I doubt you're going to find a way round it without changing the springs. Thicker oil adds damping but won't help the spring rate.

    • My rear shock seems stiffer after adding my lowering link as it puts the shock on more of an angle...also took the forward rake out of the stance so not only are my nuts not always being shoved into the tank, but there's way less weight on the front forks making them more tolerable and have a lil more useable travel...idk how many stones I am, I'm just stoned lol! 5'10" 240lbs. But I got the power pures cuz that's what I've always run on all my bikes...the dual compound (2ct) holds up very well...I've also got almost 5k miles out of these Vee Rubbers and have maybe 5mm chicken strips...I've scraped pegs a handful of times gettin ballzy

    • I run Dunlop tt93 tires, and they're the best I've ridden on. Sure you could scrape pegs with the stock tires but they will slide easily if you apply too much throttle accelerating out of the turn. With the dunlops I can lean enough to fold my pegs and scrape my boot through the turns while still accelerating pretty quickly.

    • Stick with stock pegs or atleast ones that fold put tires (in my opinion) made the difference. Me in the front scrapin toes to knees..

    • This is on Power Pures^