• So my 09 shadow spirit didn t start immediately today when I turned on the key...

    So my '09 shadow spirit didn't start immediately today when I turned on the key and depressed the start button. 2nd time in a week. No click, no light dimming, nothing. Kept screwing around with the shifter, clutch, etc. got off in disgust, hit the button again and BAM, fired right up... Clueless!

    • Mine was doing that and when I flipped the kill switch on the handlebar off and on several times, it would start. I took the switch apart and cleaned the corrosion off of the contacts, and it never happened again.

    • Thank you

    • Start button on bars

    • Nice bike!!

    • Hondas are known for that assembly to be problematic, need to take apart clean contacts and put dielectric grease on everything.

    • I was going to say check your contacts...you just may need to make a simple adjustment.

    • I usually have to throw a wrench across the shop before I figure out the problem

    • sometimes i have to flip the on and off switch to get mine to start honda said clean the contacts

    • Thanks guys