So my bike won t start today how does one eliminate the battery without a volt...

So my bike won't start today, how does one eliminate the battery without a volt guage?

  • Will the motor spin over when you press the ignition?

  • It was worse before I pluged up a solar jump start. Indicators wouldnt go on, they do now. Gonna try some new fuel if I can find a jerry can lol.

  • The way it spit like it was starting is the same thing my bike is doing but after I try a few time while giving it some throttle it'll fire up but sputter and idle real low. I can't figure out what it is tho. I've tried new gas and cleaned the carbs maybe someone can help us both but when my battery was dead I could roll start it and it fire up so I don't think it's your battery.

  • Weird, was running fine no more then 5 days ago.

  • In line fuel filter clogged? Or petcock screen?

  • I havent tried a roll start, wouldnt know where to begin. This is my first road bike and ive ridden it twice lol. Never had battery or push start issues with my dirt bikes.

    Have you sused out the relays at all?

  • Cheers will sus them out next time im at the bike :)

  • It's not your battery when you solar jumped it still didn't fire up right. Turn it over and give it some throttle and see if it will fire up.

    I haven't changed or checked any of them. I thought if a relay went bad it wouldn't crank at all.

  • make sure you're getting spark but if I were to guess it's probably a fuel issue

  • That's what I was thinking. Hence wanting to put new fuel in it. Done that and still no change so I'll get to the lines and filters when I'm free next. She is a fair bit smokey when trying to start it.

  • James Valentine it really sounds as a cdi problem

    Take it out and hit it ferm with the flat side on a flat surface and try again pcb solder goes bad after time

  • I'll give it a try tomorrow thanks. I hope that works

  • If it works its only temporarly hv to replace it

  • Push start.

  • How'd you go with the cdi James Valentine?

  • Still haven't gotten around to push starting it, but i thought i'd turn the key on and give it another go today.. I'm pretty sure my batteries dead, the relay(i presume thats what that was) next to the battery did some clicking. Now nothing happens when I press the switch. And indicators are no longer working. Just thought i'd see if anyone had any other idea before i go buy a new battery.. My local postman (harley rider) said to just give it a jump start off the car battery..

  • Yep am curious to

  • Roll start with dead batterypack kills your cdi aswell ....

  • Jumpstart with dead battery pack kills your cdi ....

  • Alrightly, i should probably buy a new battery anyways. As i am unsure what the old owner has done/replaced on bike.

  • Dana Morgan

    You can take the battery pack out

    Then charge it en messure or let messure its condition then you know exactly what to do en saved you perhaps money

  • I could charge it.. But i have no diagnostic tools

  • Dana Morgan then just charge it overnight and if you can open de cells above it do so and fill if necessary with condensed water

    If its a closed system sometimes there is an eye indicator what will turn green if ok

    Just charge well overnight and give it a try

  • Better get you a auto ranging digital meter for checking battery and other uses on that bike . Need to find out if your getting fire at the spark plugs .

  • Theres a video in previous comments.. But i dont mind replacing both plug and battery, give me ease knowing ive done them.

  • Battery should give you 2 years of service also in the off season get a 1.5 amp float charger . that'll keep that battery up and ready to go when riding season rolls around . far as spark plugs get NGK

  • Cheers mate, shall look into it all in the morning

  • Dana Morgan next to de battery on the left side there is a fuse box if the top fuse is broken nothing will go either

  • Cheers mate, i need to invest in a owners manual too haha

  • You can download it for free

  • Dana Morgan it seemed to run a lil smother but went back to doing the same thing after a few minutes

  • So I brought a new battery, it just wasn't holding enough under load. Indicators wouldn't even turn on half the time. Started for a whole 30 seconds then decided to stop.

    Started finally going down the line, I'm pretty sure I need atleast one new spark plug. But I may as well change them both.

    My real question is, are the caps for the plug meant to have different connectors inside. And are they meant to zap you when testing for spark on a plug?