So my shifter on my Sabre 1100 2007 is lose I tighten it and each time after...

So my shifter on my Sabre 1100 2007 is lose. I tighten it and each time after an hour or so it's lose again, do I need to buy a new assembly ?

  • If the bolt is loosening, then replace the bolt. If the threads on the shifter are worn/gone, then tap new threads and then use a new bolt. If it is a bolt and nut, then replace both and use a self-locking nut.

  • Alright I'll replace bolt with self locking nut, do I need any lock tight ?

  • not on a self locking nut

  • Thanks Larry Hays

  • Make sure the shifter is pivoting on the bolt and that the bolt is not rotating with the bolt. There is a bushing inside the shifter that allows it to pivot on the bolt over time due to weather and road dirt the grease will rock up and cause the shifter an bolt to rotate together causing the bolt loosen. If yo dont take it apart and remove the bushing and clean the shifter, bushing and regressive it all the problem wont go away by replacing the bolt and/or nut. Nuts and bolts dont typically wear out. I know I had the same problem

  • Good point Ron. Dont just repair...check everything

  • Yeah cause when I did tighten it down I wasn't able to shift the gear so I had to losen it too. So I should take it apart and clean the shifter level ?

  • got something more than a loose bolt...take the shifter arm off and give it a good inspection

  • Ima go back to sleep and get to it in a few hours.

  • Yes clean it an grease it. I had the same issue had to knock the bushing out of the shift lever eith a hammer and punch grease was rocked up so hard.