So now I got a new seat on the way might have a go at making the stock one a...

So now I got a new seat on the way might have a go at making the stock one a 'sofa' anybody on here done this to the stock on or got any tips for materials and covers?

  • Lol I was think , of like a gold wing seat !

  • I used my wife's yoga mat to pad it out, never had a sore arse after that.

  • Peter Haha good idea the main thing I was wondering is how did you go about taking the stock cover off and putting on a new cover how you kept it stretched over the material did you use a spray on adhesive?

  • I didn't remove the old cover. Used spray adhesive to stick yoga mat on top, then covered in a fake leather. I used small screws underneath to keep it all tight.

  • Thanks sounds simple enough you got any photos by any chance also I'm guessing its 1000 times comfier than stock

  • Wish I had taken pictures of the process. It's not easy but with patience it's satisfying, just take your time to get the tension right.

  • Dan love that material I was thinking of it for my seat as well pricey however

  • I nearly bought a stapler to do it properly but wanted to keep costs down

  • If you can get an old Recaro race seat in alcantara trim and use that, done right with logo showing, that would be ace.

  • Peter Looks like I will just get some good material the stuff is pretty pricey and for foam I have to look into it, for the moment I think I will go the route of stripping the old one to the plastic and building it up from there without the bloody slipping forwards issue and with more foam then wrap it in alcantara and weather coat it, great thing is I have access to an industrial stapler so it should be all good for getting a good tight fit around the foam :)