So put straight exhaust on and it has some popping on decel and little bit when...


So put straight exhaust on and it has some popping on decel and little bit when I rev it quick . Shadow 750. Where are the fuel adjust meant screws just want to make it rideable from for now

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  • If you have popping you need to either retune your carbs or install a jet kit I straight piped mine just the other day and there is very minimal popping actually a little less popping then there was with the stock exhaust on so I'm not worried

  • Like I said I just want to make it a little more rideable right now it's not terrible but it's not good every now and then a Big Bang will come out of it

  • Always rejet. Dyno-Jet makes an excellent product

  • Tony Jones had the same issue. Change the Jets out and cleared up

  • Try 1 turn out on the mixture screws on both carbs, and go for a ride and see if it gets better.

  • I love the way mine pops on deceleration. If you don't want it to pop pull in the clutch. It will always pop when using engine brake

  • Like I said will reject in future just doing something for now quick

  • I bought my bike with a hyper charger on it all ready installed. My question is how do I know if it was re-jetted or not. Don't mean to step on the conversation but looks like good knowledge going on here.

  • What year?

  • If it cackles and pops and bangs on decel

  • While engine braking

  • 2007 Honda Shadow Aero 750

  • It does some but that a lot seems like I can always smell gas odor while sitting at a light. I know that's part of riding but it just like a lot to me. I know that don't make sense and probably didn't say right.

  • I had the same problem. I done a stage 2 kit. 110 main in front cylinder carb 112 in rear cylinder carb and #45 pilot jets in both with air fuel mixture screws 3 turns out. It solved my problems with popping on deceleration. I used a carb jet calculator to figure mine out.

  • So I'm think I'll just order the jet kit. Wouldn't hurt to redo the carb then I'll know for sure what's in it.

  • Idk I just know if it's popping on decel it's leaning out