So swapping out the chains and sprockets didn t go as smooth as I wanted


So swapping out the chains and sprockets didn't go as smooth as I wanted...

Took 1 too many links out of the chain, so I had to get a couple of extra links from the leftovers, and use 2 split links and it's on max adjustment... And I'm stuck like it until the chain stretches just enough to get the single split link without the extras links in

%d comments
  • No Aidan just no !

  • I know, I'm probably gonna die but hopefully it'll stretch just enough, it was literally half a mm out for the singl split link to fit, now I've rode on it and the chain and loosened up I'm gonna try take out the spare links and split link tomorrow and hopefully it'll work

  • What chain and sprockets did you use ?

  • JT sprockets and Regina chain

  • I used renthal and D I D

  • I swear by JT sprockets, normally do with DID but we sell Regina at work and apparently they're really rated so I decided to try them myself

  • Buy another chain.