so the bitch revved like this today. doesn t do down to 1000 rpm after revving

so the bitch revved like this today... doesn't do down to 1000 rpm after revving... the bike sat for 6 years working on her to get it in good condition when i have my licence, i did a carb job, but false air maybe?? ore she just need to go 100 mph for a while? te get the valves clean again

  • no slides go down fast like it should, maybe some false air somewhere from the airbox? or valves might be dirty/rusted up from standing so loong ( previous owner had it since '91 and only did 5000 KM and sat for last 6 years, i wish he'd just ride it more in all those years

  • When you rebuilt the carbs and you put the plenum back on, were you sure to get the rubber air intake horns seated into the carbs? The rubber air horns that go from the inside of the plenum to the carb openings. But what would cause that high rpm- did you bench synchronize the carbs? making sure the butterfly valves are all syncrhonized with the first bypass hole in the carb bodies? Starting with the number one carb and following the procedure?

  • Your throttle cabbles are too tight,,,,,,,loosen them off completely,,,,,,,,set your idle,,,,,,,,,then tighten them with the bike running,,,,,,,stop tightening when your rpms start to increase,,,,,,,,,,,

  • slides won't make the idle hang up, which was why i was wondering about the throttle plates. cables too tight would explain hanging up too

  • slides will most definitely cause idle to hang and idle to drop slowly, ask me how i know..

  • i didn't see his idle drop slow, though. i saw it hanging high, seemed to me like it hung around 3-4k

  • try tightening the boot clamps, mine ran like this when they were loose

  • When the slides drop, they should do so in a slow controlled fashion and take a second to a second and a half to fully fall. If they go faster than that, there is in air leak in your diaphragms or the top cover.

  • i´m sure the carbs and slides are fine!, i checked it all before putting it back on the bike, and it does run idle 1000 rpm, but when i give it some rpm it gets stuck around 3000 sometimes and doesn´t go back to the 1000rpm

  • Mine was doing it until I adjusted my cables.

  • Are the carbs on the plenum backwards I did that seems like the same problem I had with mine