So the Bridgestone spitfire s on my bike have really nice tread left on them...

So the Bridgestone spitfire's on my bike have really nice tread left on them but because it sat for so many years they're pretty dry rotted. Could I put some slime or something in them to get a little more life out of them or should I just save up and get some new tires? And what tires would you suggest?

  • Michael McDonald, a bunch of us Maggots are riding to Alpine, the end of June. Are you planning on joining us?

    After much debate, we've decided to have our SM Coronado Trail event on June 25th - June 28th in Alpine, Arizona.

    Our motorcycling event will also coincide with the 2nd annual Alpine Country Blues festival in the same town. This provides us an opportunity to enjoy a day of riding and then sit down and listen to music. ms/

    Because of the music festival, I'm going to ask everyone that will be attending to make reservations ASAP at one of the following locations.

    Primary Location:

    Sportsman's Lodge

    Contact Frank & Phyllis:

    (877) 560-7626

    Email: Sportsman778

    2 1-bed units available @ $ 70/night

    6 2-bed units available @ $ 75/night

    1 suite (2 queen beds) @ $150/night

    Secondary Locations:

    Tal-Wi-Wi Lodge

    40 County Road 2220, Alpine, AZ 85920

    (928) 339-4319

    Email: Reservations Mountain Hi Lodge

    42698 US Highway 180 East

    Alpine, AZ 85920

    Call: (928)339-4311

    Email: Info Alpine Cabins Retreat

    1 County Road 2055

    Alpine, AZ 85920

    (928) 339-4440 /


    (With laundry, toilets & showers)

    Alpine Village RV and Trailer Park

    42702 US Hwy 180

    Alpine, Arizona 85920

    Tel: 928-339-1841

    Cell: 928-856-150

    Email: Alpine Village RV


    This town sits at 8,000 feet, so be prepared for colder nightly temperatures.

    Contact Ye or Matt with any further questions:

  • Michael McDonald, do you ever look at the SabMag calendar? Also, contact Doug C., the webmaster for that site and ask him if you can't be added to the SoCal maggot short list. A google email forum list for us Sabre Magna owners. We span pretty much the western US with a couple in Europe. ar/

  • Sorry for high jacking this thread....we now return to the previously scheduled tire thread...

  • We could go on forever about which tire is better just put a good set of tires on and enjoy the road

  • Okay. I am tired of talking about tires. Let's talk about.....OIL!!! HAHAHA

  • I was thinking the same thing who uses what

  • Good ol' Honda GP4......

  • So exactly what size and style of Avon tire?

  • This thread has taken a hard left turn. David perhaps you should start a new thread re the trip

  • I got what I wanted out of it more or less haha.

  • Pierre, I think I acknowledged that and already apologized. You want to re-read my previous comment/post.

  • Tire threads tire me out...

  • I also posted "required reading" for people looking for tires. The reading may be of age, but it still gives the basic facts of each type of tire, the benefits of each type, and the mileage per tire and cents per mile. It's still good reference though.