So the first time i got my Sabre out this spring i m going through town

So, the first time i got my Sabre out this spring, i'm going through town ( 35mph) , 4 lane, with turn lanes on the left. so, i'm behind a car , car moves towards turn lane, i move a little to the right, still in the left lane. Lights are green, and the crazy broad straddles the the line between lanes, so i can't really pass, and then STOPS at the green light ! of course, i had to brake quite hard to not rear end the car. inside my helmet i could hear , " You dumbass" :) so anyhow, be careful out there, some people are not just distracted, some are Crazy !!

  • That's every day all day here in Hot Springs National Park, Arkansas! I feel your pain.

  • When I was 17 back in the mid 70's, I was on the capital beltway in Washington D.C. A neighbor had lent me his Triumph 650 to ride while he was away for a week. I had a tractor trailer come from behind me..10 feet from my rear wheel. I was riding in the slow lane, doing the speed limit. He pulls around me then comes right back into my lane and shoves me into the emergency lane with only feet to go until the guardrail. There are people out there that will endanger your life just because they can.

  • Wee Willie-Winkie, my anger would have runneth over !

  • I wish it was legal to mount 50 cals to bikes for that reason!!!

  • Bryan Stump, now for the .50 cal. would you have to install some sort shock system on the handlebars for that ? :)

  • Probably wouldn't be a bad idea! Maybe a couple of tommy guns would suffice.

  • My wife laughs at me cuz every time I see a crop duster, I pretend it's me in a WWII dogfight over the pacific! Lol