So there s a 2002 CTX1800 for sale not sure if I ll trade the Spirit or buy...

So, there's a 2002 CTX1800 for sale...not sure if I'll trade the Spirit or buy this in addition to. My question is - this bike has 24K miles on it. Is that 'acceptable' for a 2002? Would be ok if it was a car, but being a bike, I have NO idea! Thanks for your help!

  • My 03 had 22k on it when I bought it in 08. They hold value better than cars n trucks. How much do they want for it?

  • That is hardly broken in. It's a big motor and should run without any problems up to low 50's - 60K

  • An average of 2400 miles per year? Didn't ride it much.

  • It's more important to know if the bike has been cared for, fluid changes, adjustments, etc. If a bike has been cared for, it will easily run 100,000k miles

  • Dealer asking $5300, thanks for your feedback, it's very helpful!