• So to you Aero riders that have slapped a fairing on your bike what fairing...

    So, to you Aero riders that have slapped a fairing on your bike...what fairing did you use and what mounting? I'm on the fence with a batwing fairing and def on the fence with modding a OEM HD fairing to fit vs Memphis shades, etc.

    • Pic of the fairing....this winters project will to paint it the same colour as the bike!!

    • Could you post a pic and what ms batwing did you get, I.e., for what model bike since they don't list one for the aero 1100

    • Gotcha...newer model aero. Anyone have one on a 98-2001?

    • Mine is a 2012 750...

    • Thanks Mike, anyone else???

    • I used a stealth fairing for a HD Road King and made my own brackets to mount to my Memphis Shades mounts.

    • Brian Becker, per the Aero Forum - get the MS one for the Honda Sabre - will fit.

    • Thanks guys. I think I'm going to go with an old HD fairing and work out the bracketry. For the cost of MS fairing, then windshield, then trim, then then then...you're looking at like $400+ for a fairing that's pretty much one dimensional. I can buy a used HD fairing with speakers and stereo ready for less...going custom apps, lol

    • Ms on her now ....but I'm going to be fitting an HD batwing in a few weeks

    • Brian Becker, we had a forum member use an HD fairing, and he went whole "hog" so to speak. Including removing and relocating the speedo I think. Here is a copy of one of his posts, plus a link to his pictures - see all three pages worth.

      "Some more pics, had to relocate the speed with a tourer housing and custom bracket, the speedo actually houses the aero electronic speedo, used a 3.5 inch mirror to fill old light bucket hole, fairing/headlight bracket includes 3-4 of light relocation forward and about 3/4 inches up to fit the fairing well."

      http://s612.photobucket.com/us er/kikokameleon/library/Fire%2 0Aero?sort=6&page=1