So today is test ride day. Now how many smiles per miles

So today is test ride day! Now, how many smiles per miles?

  • :D bought one! :D

  • Liked it then, I suppose!

  • Had me grinning like a fool

  • Yeah, that seems the usual response :) I've been riding 15 years, only owned 2 bikes before the MSX - first a Honda CBR600, then a BMW R1150R. Sold the Beemer last year as I just wasn't riding, then later in the year saw an MSX and had to have a test ride. I loved my bigger bikes but there's just something amazingly fun about the MSX. I guess that's why we're all riding the damned things!

  • Absolutely loved it, although the test bike had L plates so I had some guy in a merc right up my arse (20 zone). Forgot what it was like on L plates. I've only had the cbf125 and this is miles better. I even liked the sound of it and it was purely stock. The dealer has ordered me the akrapovic carbon slip on and will fit it for free.

  • How long do you have to wait for delivery? Probably not too long, I'm guessing, a few weeks tops?

  • 2-3 weeks as it's a custom paint job, thanks to Carrie Carter for the heads up on dobles offer (and Ian remembers you and your bike)

  • I might have to beef up my security as I can see this bike is going to attract some attention. What do you guys do?

  • Make sure it's chained to the ground so it can't be lifted into a van.

  • everytime you go out on an msx its so much get used to cars up yer arse...but its still great fun tho