So took the bike in for a second service what a bunch of idiots Got all the...


So took the bike in for a second service, what a bunch of idiots..! Got all the reports and paperwork after and they start to charge me around £50 more than was first agreed, so as I was asking what it was about she said I had missed 2 other services and they had just done the 7000 mile service ...... So I told her my bike has 3000 on the clock she said no it has 7136... So they had changed a gasket and spark plug and done a couple of other bits.. twats had only looked at tripB with 713.6 miles on it! Needless to say I didnt pay for the extra stuff and got a thorough 7k service.

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  • Out of curiosity you don't know which technician done the service do you?

  • Stevie Wonder by the sound of it.

  • No name on it mate

  • Hahaha their pricks mate I never go to them

  • They put like 1700 ml of oil in mime

  • I still cant believe that James Tinson that is crazy

  • Cool. I never made a mistake either. Glad you set them straight.

  • I don't make mistakes, so why should I pay others to make them for me?..

  • Putting 1700 ml of oil in a msx in no mistake

  • Easy way to possible hydraulic lock and a bet rod if it seeps past the piston rings.