So we all ride with certain philosophies As warmer weather is starting to set...

So we all ride with certain philosophies. As warmer weather is starting to set in im trying to find balance between comfortable riding and

"Dress for a slide not just a ride." And "There are only two types of riders; those that will lay down a bike and those that will do it again."

So what do yall wear to satisfy the need to be cool and ventilated, along with well protected.

  • Most of my riding choices are my everyday choices.

    I like boots, so I wear good ones. Also I'm allergic to many things, I always wear gloves for everything, so on a bike it's natural.

    I've enough concussions to make a helmet a good idea, I wear one during all of my sports.

    My '83 has dual pipes that burn my leg unless I wear chaps, so I always do.

    My only motorcycle specific choice for safety is a mesh armored jacket.

  • I either go lighter weight gear, i.e. mesh jacket etc. or just suck it up. I personally have the philosophy that sweat is a hell of a lot less painful than skin grafts, so go ATGATT! ;-)

  • I wear mesh riding jacket... It feels like nothing when moving... I read an article once that I try to adhere to... Guy says do you like wiping your own ass...then gloves are important, cause even a small slide will wreck your hands if not.. It's easy to think oh it's not far it's not busy... But something as simple as not being able to wipe yourself is a big deal just for a bit of heat, and really the more you wear the gear the more you're just used to it

  • Good comfortable leather gloves ALWAYS. Jeans and Boots always. The FMC jacket has a zip out liner and zippers front and back for vents. Vest for local short rides. Jacket for longer rides. Vest and denim jacket in fall.

  • Leather

  • Any brands of mesh armored jacket you guys recommend or recommend avoiding? Just got my bike a month ago and nearly 1k miles all in the rain so far but wanting to pick up something good for summer

  • Mine is a men's Joe Rocket, ladies jackets don't fit me well.

  • I love my Cortex GT Air jacket. Zip out thermal and wind/rain liner. Won't keep you dry in a downpour, but good enough if you get caught in a pop up rain shower

  • I have a mesh jacket, but I prefer my leather jacket as long as I'm not dieing in it. Just got chaps for Christmas so I'm looking forward to trying those out. Admittedly, though, I do still need a set of boots, those are next on the list.