So we have finally hit 1000 members Would just like to take this time to say...

So we have finally hit 1000 members. Would just like to take this time to say thank you for everyone turning this humble Facebook group into a great community full of great people.

From the original members we have had since day one, and the constant stream of new lads/lasses which join daily. Some of which I have made true close friends with great memories from which would have never happened without our shared love of these silly little bikes

  • You tart

  • Suck my balls

  • Only if you shave them first

  • Don't forget, there are people in the Honda MSX UK group that we need to thank. Without them, this group would never have been started! Think of all the runs that would have never happened, the banter that would never have been (see above), and all the friends that never would have been. ;)

  • True point Gav! Jack you'd have to thank Michael Pukey or whatever his name is. Ahhaa!

  • Exactly! That group was like a digital prison, you couldn't voice your opinion without it getting removed!

    Puckey keeps trying to join here too

  • why?!?! muppet

  • Let him join FFS!!! :-p

  • That would be cruel. You know jack would just ban him the first time he shouted some one down ;)