So when zooming along yesterday on ride something bite stung me on the back of...

So when zooming along yesterday on ride something bite/stung me on the back of the neck. OUCH!! No ideas what it was. Donna Frierson said it looked like a spider bite. That was a 1st and a bit freaky

  • Ohhhhhh feck noooooo, scary shit, can't do spiders....hope you ok Bro \m/

  • Yeah but damn it freaked me out!! The not seeing what did it I think. I react to be stings so was a bit concerned. That and fling along and a ouch out of the blue, glad I didn't wobble lmao cuz that sucker hurt!!

  • Thank gawd you didn't react to the sting, you keep that shiny side up Bro. Glad you in one piece. Xxx

  • Just back from spin on wee Rebel, local roads lovely wee jaunt.. Came back on my varigo 535 though. Lol

  • Was riding once and had to duck under a turkey vulture that was trying to get to some roadkill. Was within a few inches of me. Some crazy stuff happens out there.

  • I'm happy that my worst story is a japanese beetle's mandible laying my cheek open. Superficial, but it still hurt. Had to dig the beetle out of my vest.