So who received there parcels today


So who received there parcels today.

Doug Hill

Ian Squeaky Giddings

Dan Rankin

Rob Cromack

Andrew David Peter Sinclair

Stephen Powell

Ivon Jennery

Mat Corbett

Lesley Ravindra

James Tinson

John Kinchella

Martin Evans

Paul 'rusty' Godfrey

Wayne Calver

Lee Cairns

Connor William Lemay

Darren Masters

William Walker

Sorry if you have allready told me.

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  • Not yet, tomorrow probably.

  • Nope.... Prob tomoz

  • nop

  • Not yet, hopefully tomorrow

  • You know I got mine

  • Just needs sanding

  • And it's now on the bike keys

  • Mines here.

  • Velocity stack arrived, sanded and now fitted :) thanks :)

  • U didn't hang around lol

  • Mines all sanded guna give it another go tomorrow then polish it.. Because atm it doesn't look purple inside :/

  • Ur not gonna see it in the box lol

  • I was at work today so missed the postie calling, but I'll collect it tomorrow as I'm about during the day.

  • Same here

  • Still want it extra smooth tho surly for maximum airflow?

  • Postie delivered it this morning, so the parcel at the Post Office is something else? Might takeit over to my mates workshop and out of in his lathe to polish it up?

  • Sanding it works just as good

  • mine arrived OK, Took quite a bit of work to get it smooth