So yeah. It happened. It s sweet


So yeah. It happened. It's sweet.

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  • Not gonna ride it home

  • It's 250 miles. Hasn't been ridden much and had milky oil showing in the top. So after all those excuses. Will wait until it's home.

  • Needs a service. Only had 600 mile service and just about to 3700. I did every check HPI'd etc. Had all docs including bill of sale. Checked the numbers. Really nice guy. Very happy. The trip a and b are almost identical mileage to the miles. Toolkit unused. Aside from expected corrosion on a few bolts and exhaust. It's mint

  • Whats the plan service and enjoy as is or go for a BBK?

  • Repsol staying pretty much as factory now. This one is getting the works. Was about to order 235 but have to put off for a month now, but this bike will be getting it. I have kitaco which will go on this when I service it. Looking for shock and exhaust immediately.

  • Great stuff! Id be tempted for a 235 if I could get a source bike for similar money..

  • I kinda hope all the second hand ones go that low would buy a second one as well and make it into a dirt bike :')

  • We are all turning into magpies lol but yea I'd definitely get a second one and go mental I just couldn't bring myself to BBK Bumblebee lol

  • Would be too easy to flip but that's not me. Me and the Mrs can go out together on Groms or big bikes.

  • Not so keen on BBK for the repsol but then saw the 235 full swap out. Liked that idea. So I'll be doing that. Daughter is 17 in a few months so keeping one as a 125 or easy to rollback is appealing if she's interested.

  • I also like the full swap out - I've seen the cost from Hard Racing I assume thats the main supplier - could it be married to the 5 speed box?

  • Such a great deal. Still can't get my head around why only £700 was asked for. Enjoy Brian.

  • Finbro direct. Cheaper.

  • £700? Fuck! Bargain of the century

  • Maybe stolen :-\

  • That's what I thought

  • Also. Finbro will customise. I asked about Kitaco cover and oil pump and they'd do it for no labour. Just parts. So 5 speed may be an option.

  • That's what we all thought. Did full HPI checked the numbers and all match. It's a genuine bike from a genuine owner.

  • Back home to South London. Pissed itself in the car. So car now stinks of petrol. Knew having a full tank was a bad idea.

  • Then you my friend got a steal