Some finished some future projects


Some finished, some future projects.

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  • Paul, here is a pic of that CT200. I'm guessing this is an aftermarket gearbox someone has installed on the swingarm. Never seen one before.

  • I've seen that device before but never any pics that showed how it worked as clear as these.

  • ...GO POWER ! !

  • Sir/ madam please I like some bike lifan parts please help me.

  • Where did you find most of your bikes? Craigslist?

  • I used craigslist years ago, but now they all price their bikes based on what they see on ebay now. It probably been a couple years since I picked up a craigslist bike.

    Indianapolis has a very actice vintage bike crowd and I'm known as the guy in the area that collects the little Honda's, so i get quite a few bikes sent my way from random sources. We also have a couple of major players in the metric bike flipping business and when they run across the small bikes they funnel them my direction. My bike shop and collection are also housed at my business, so I always leave a little Honda sitting out so customers can see them. Its amazing how many bikes I've picked up because someone come in, saw a bike and told me they had one in a mini barn or their neighbor has one in their backyard.

    Most of my collection has been picked up for $300 or less per bike. I'm not looking for really nice bikes, I'm after projects that need work. Tinkering with these bikes is my stress relief. No matter how bad a day it was, 15 minutes in the shop messing with a bike wipes all that away.

  • I agree about Craigslist...sellers want way too much

  • Yeah, there are currently 4 or 5 CT70's on my local craigslist, but I think the cheapest one is listed at $1400. No thanks.

  • I sold my orig 64 for $350 firm. Non running. I was happy the guy had other bikes, he was keeping it original, always wanted one and his gf was going to kill him for buying it!!! Sometimes just let stuff go- at any price.

  • I was lucky and picked up two cubs recently, a 6 and 12v model via friend of a friend. He just wanted to let them go and got them for a killer price. Both are in really good shape and running. One had the big bore kit just installed. Got 5 now and still collecting. You can find killer deals on craigslist but you have to have alerts set up, cash in hand and the ability to drop and run. I saw a beautiful CT90 in excellent condition sell for $950 in less than 2 hours here.