Some very sad news

Some very sad news...

The exhaust is up for sale. New rota at work means I'm working the grave yard shift. Can't be roaring around with this pipe at stupid times!

Bought from Jack a few weeks ago and in a good condition. The pipes could do with some elbow grease to bring them up shiny.

Not out to make a profit, they'll be going on ebay tonight unless someone here wants it. £160 posted ovno (UK only)

  • At 4am I'd be pretty pissed off if somebody had a loud exhaust outside my house. I don't want to be that somebody.

    If I still had my old hours it wouldn't be a problem

  • I never have a complaint. I leave at 4 am for work often in the summer.

  • And i run mnnthbx, and let my bike warm up for at least 5 minutes before I leave.

  • You could warm it up with a baffle in the pipe. Or just push is a few hundred yards down the road before starting.

  • You can also buy our stainless steel can with a baffle and swap it over depending on what shift you are on

  • Fine, you win! But if someone wants it they can make me offers

  • £10 (cos I'm skint! :P )

  • oh, and you could just sell it if/when you get complaints

  • I didnt get any complaints, i leave at 5am every day...

  • Andrew Moorhead

  • Pm'd you Terry Dalton