• Some years ago I purchased new a Sachs 150cc motorcycle This bike was made...

    Some years ago, I purchased (new) a 'Sachs' 150cc motorcycle. This bike was made in China by a huge Chinese manufacturer - the name of which was FYN (I think). I had this poor excuse for a motorcycle for 12 months then I sold it at the Gatton (Qld) swap meet to a 'bushie' from Kingaroy for farm use. The enging leaked oil, it used to stick in second gear, I went through three speedo/tacho sets, the plastics of which there was plenty just self destructed (cost me a fair bit in plastic glue), the petrol tank developed a lot of pin holes and the exhaust system rusted out after 6 months. I suppose that, as the purchase price was $2000.00 and it had 6 months warranty, I shouldn't really complain. Parts took quite a long time to arrive as the Aussie retailer kept very few in stock. I must add that it handled very well. After this bike was sold, I purchased a 125cc Sachs motor scooter for a bit less than $2,000.00. The only problem with this was the unfortunate habit of breaking drive belts. At the time of purchase, belts were $35.00. When the factory did some upgrades and altered the belt and fly wheels, the old belts went up to over $100.00.Like the previous one, the handling was faultless. I sold this scooter after 12 months and bought my 'Postie' which, apart some cosmetic problems (it had been sitting in a shed for 6 months), has had no problems. Both of the previously mentioned bikes were garaged and never dropped. FIY.

    • Thanks for this, I've been looking at the Sachs Madass as a delivery bike for the shop. It's 3400 on the road and certainly looks good. But reliability is king.

    • i don't know anything about 'Madasses' except that on many occasions, I've been accused of being one!!

    • Part of the attraction I agree :-)

    • My old man used to say "there is nothing free & nothing cheap in this world. You only ever get what you pay for".

      The proliferation of Chinese stuff in all markets is a worry. The fact that people are prepared to accept it is a bigger worry :(

    • I'm old enough to remember when jap crap was cheap and unreliable. Even Hondas

    • And now they are not which is great :)

    • Before buying my postie a few weeks ago i was going to buy a honda cbr125e that was until i found out they were made in china.

    • Actually, the CBR125e is quite good as it's made in a Honda factory.

    • Apart from the politics and labour standards Chinese manufacturers produce to specification in the same way every other manufacturer does, particularly when it is branded. It is a worldwide enterprise. I'm much more wary of goods made in India, Pakistan etc.

    • Cf moto is a piece of shit though :-D

    • My last 'big' bike was a Royal Enfield G5 Bullet 2011 model which I bought new from BJs. The only problem I had was a flat rear tyre. The reason I sold it after 2 years and 25,000 km was that my back and right being very arthritic prevented me from riding it. I then went 'Postie'. The quality of the Indian mfg. RE was almost Japanese.

    • I suppose that the Chinese don't clock up the amount of ks that we do and repair shops would be very common and parts cheap and freely available. A mechanic friend said that the 150cc Sachs motor was based on an early Honda with 'carry and drag' lubrication.

    • The new Harley 500cc is made in India. The Yanks must be spewing!!!! :) :) :)

    • I have a 2015 Classic Chrome Black. It took a few weeks and much heartache to get it running well. It's great now but there was stupid stuff like uneven fork oil, spark plug cap not holding, loose bolts etc.

    • I must have got a good 'un!!! :) :) :)

    • I think dealer prep has something to do with it. But still....

    • BJs in Brisbane were quite good.