Somebody else ask this earlier but on a different year does anybody know of a...

Somebody else ask this earlier but on a different year, does anybody know of a 1971 gas tank in decient condition. Also did everybody that had a Honda before 1975 have gas tank fights or something like that, it's impossible to find one without dents all over it.

  • I don't have any, and yes gas tank fights were common in the 70s. Its what the warriors movie was based on. Can ya dig it.

  • No kidding, I mean I have a few other bikes, gas tank damage rare, 1970 450 gas tank damage 1972 450 gas tank damage 1974, well you can see where this is going, my 67 BSA no gas tank damage, my 69 Triumph no gas tank damage, must have been a rule you had to at least drop a 70,s CB 450 gas tank to own one.

  • Bahahaha! Like I always say people just left these bikes out in the rain and threw rocks at them. Daren Murray is the king of dropping his bike ♥

  • Everytime I walk past it in the shop I kick it over...

  • Mike Bova I actually paid less than that for my good running 1971 CB 450 and can get mine painted for less, not saying it would be concourse, but close, think they said 700.00 and they did work for me before. really don't need side covers painted, but hard to match.

  • I should have one

  • ill check in the morning

  • Would it happen to be candy gold 71 model in decient shape

  • Idk but, i can check, if i don't im pretty sure i can locate one before weekends end

  • Thank you, sounds great Jesse Gansen

  • Do me a favor and private message my shamrock cycles salvage page so i remember and know exactly what you want, with ebay, email and a personal and business FB account its easy to overlook and forget. I should have a 71 but im also going to be looking over alot of 450 stuff this weekend

  • So what are you saying David ....that I shouldn't be leaving it out in the rain and throw rocks at it?

  • no im saying the rose bushes miss there friend ;)