Someone from NJ said awhile back they had a Honda magna v65 Engine that they...

Someone from NJ said awhile back they had a Honda magna v65 Engine that they wanted to sell that didn't have any problems and I think it was on this page

  • Thom don't have the right tools and shims. If the guy says that's what it is then I'm going to look for the right tools and shims and do it myself. On top of that I need someone to figure out what's up with my steering both hands on the bar fine one hand fine no hands instant death wobble

  • ok, 1st, there are no "shims" im aware of that you need, the only "Tools" youll need are a double set of feeler gauges, a Allen head socket(forget off the top of my head what size??, and some basic tools,socket set,screw drivers,some open and closed end wrenchs,ect), its a pretty simple thing to do, tedious yes, but doable in a day or weekend, and as far as your steering, most likely its the races that arent sitting square in their seats anymore , you can get a set of up-graded tapered bearings that should solve the head shake !!??

  • I'm still somewhat new to working on these bikes hell I'm still working on my 83 v45 I just want this one to run right so I can ride while I work on my other

  • Thom your more then welcome to come help lol Ill cook up some BBQ and get some beer

  • ya never know, may pop in over the summer ;) !??

  • Your only an hour 20 mins out from me so that's not a bad ride

  • i think im a little further then 20 min from ya ;) !?? lol

  • No 1 hour 20 min lol

  • Freehold NJ right

  • yup, so, yeah, deff. close enough to stop an visit ;)