Someone inbox john palmer he sold me a stolen bike he owes me 1200

Someone inbox john palmer he sold me a stolen bike he owes me £1200

  • Go smack the Cunt up

  • Police advised me not to assault mr palmer

  • What they don't know can't hurt them

  • Couldn't give a fuck about police he's done you for £1200 you ain't gunna get that money back or do you have a bike I'd go break his jaw give him a proper lesson

  • Fuck his mom and video tape it then send him the video

  • Id remove at least 3 of his fingers and maybe a big toe with boltcutters!.. seriously dont let him get away with ripping you off!.. get a squad together and pay him a visit, get some compensation for your loss as this could also mean you get prosecuted for handling stolen goods!.. remove his front door or pay a crack head to steal all his clothes!..

  • Dectectives beleive me and i have a recipt off him for it

  • At this point you're doing the right thing. Sit tight and wait for him to get caught, it'll come. You probably won't see that money again, but for that amount you should go for a CCJ. With a criminal conviction for theft it's already proven that he stole the money from you and owes it you back. He won't pay, but he will also never get credit again.

  • Knew this guy was a cunt. Just not that much of a cunt!

  • So what happened? The Vin is a stolen bike? Does it match the plate? Or is it all dodgy?

  • vin didnt match plate engine number give police evidence its a 14 plate from nearby to him if i wasnt raided regarding mistaken identy i would still be ridingt it now