Sometimes i wonder if people really have brains

Sometimes i wonder if people really have brains:

Sold a special exhaust for a YZF R1 (140 dB) , buyer told me he couldn't afford a lot so i gave him a discount, he paid, two hours later he asks me if i can ship for delivery next day (extra costs paid by him) but i shipped it allready so not possible. I send him tracking number and courier company information. Next day he replies when the exhaust will be delivered and he tells me there is no tracking available on the DHL website. Ofcourse not as i shipped with PostNL (gave him website). In last two days he has been trying to track the parcel again and again on the DHL website allthough i have told him to check on the international PostNL website :-)

Must be blonde i guess :-)

  • He has an R1 so that explains it all.

  • less brains per cylinder

  • And he rides a bike? Lol

  • But you don't need brains or good sense to ride. :D

  • No place untouched by re-tards

  • Never argue with idiots, they bring you down to their level and beat you with experience

  • I agree with Julian Van Der Vaart; if you realise the other party is an idiot, stop your arguing and walk away.

  • You just need brains and good sense to survive riding. You don't need a parachute to jump out a plane.. only if you want to jump out twice

  • Can't fix stupid

  • Ah but has he??? Looking at the story so far it is possible he rides a Vespa........