• Soo just popped to the local garage Lings to see how much they ll charge or...

    Soo just popped to the local garage (Lings) to see how much they'll charge or weather they would charge me to install stonger clutch springs and a plate if I could find one about.. They was just like yeah sure for an extra 45 pound!! Fuk that I'll stay stock for now..

    • ^^^ good point. Rob Cromack do it all at once otherwise you're wasting a litre of oil.

      Also just incase the stiffer springs break the stock clutch Spring plate, then if that happens your fucked

    • Plus if you havent already its a good opportunity to install the uprated oil pump too while access is good

    • I've got some springs for sale. Takegawa ones.

    • Right well were can u get a plate from? Also Joe Slater are they 60%?

    • Dale James i think it is, is having some more plates made up.

    • the Takegawa springs are like 30% if i remberm

    • Damm there none about atm? I want the stonger ones really for wheelies don't I cheif mechanic Charlie

    • Message Dale and ask him. and yeah you want stronger springs - reduces clutch slip, mean more power straight to rear wheel

    • Give me a shout kitaco ones in stock

    • How much Gavin?

    • £17.99 with discount and delivery

    • Okay cool

    • Speedy delivery from Gavin

      mine came next day and definitely won't come damaged, I got mine in a nice silver bubble envelop

    • I need to get a plate aswel fisrt x

    • Only reason I've not fitted mine yet

    • But I've just messaged the guy mentioned above for one as can't find one in the uk

    • I've done the same n he said he's guna be making more soon

    • At least you got a reply, I must of messaged the wrong one

    • Gavin Greenall can I order the 60% one ones now?

    • Yep pm me paypal email and I will send you a invoice

    • Let me check.

    • Takegawa springs are 30%