Sooo problem of the week for me indicators aren t working For the past few...


Sooo... problem of the week for me... indicators aren't working. For the past few days my indicators have been flickering a bit and then went fine, but today they stopped entirely. Here's my test, all other lights work, so I'm thinking, flasher relay? I'll download the manual on my lunch and have a quick look, unless anyone feels free to enlighten me on how to get to it quickly so I can pull it and clean the connections to see if it's that or a case of needing a replacement.

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  • Is it under warranty?

  • I'd hope so, it's less than a year old, but I'm 15 miles from the nearest Honda garage, at work...

  • Check that they are grounded properly. When I was installing my new lights they did this, was because I had not grounded the new relay correctly. But since I am guessing you have stock relay, it may be the grounds from the indicators themselves that are the problem.

  • I'd have thought both sets of indicators would have had separate grounds, also all the other lights work fine, in fact everything works fine aside from the indicators... do they not share grounds? either way I'll have a look :)

  • Yes they all have separate grounds. But that is the exact same symptoms as when I replaced the standard relay with a 3 pin relay. Once I grounded the 3rd pin they worked no bother. So I suspect a grounding issue, probably with the relay since it is effecting both indicators and not just one. But since stock relay doesn't have a ground pin, I'm not sure.

  • Yeah, the headlight is grounded on the same wire and plug, so it can't be that main ground then... I can probably check the relay while at work though, hopefully the connection has just come loose, but who knows.

  • Flasher relay

  • Sorted... Pulled the headlight off, went to disconnect the flasher and it just came without any resistance, scrubbed the blades with my scraper, and pushed it back in, nice and snug, easy fix :D I guess it just got bumped out...