Sooooo Yeah bit peed off with Hondas lack of commitment towards my motorcycle

Sooooo Yeah, bit peed off with Hondas lack of commitment towards my motorcycle.

Took it in on Friday, was convinced by the receptionist for parts dept that I'll get an estimate by Monday latest.

Now I work 11 hour shifts Mon-Fri (optional weekends), so by the time I can call them, they have shut-up shop for the day.

Managed to phone Bike department on an off chance earlier where I was told by the guy on the phone that they still didn't have anything for the bike (in terms of paperwork for an estimate).

  • What dealership?

  • I had a buddy that sounds the same took them over 1 mounth to diagnose and fix. They never gave a diagnosis to him till he really push the issue. It was a easy fix also gust needed a piston the skirt cracked and gave that motor a knock ran fine but knocked. That was un acceptable but happend aneyway. I have herd of other's with the same problem with the dealer. Really seems HONDA doesn't really care to support the grom. Funny that must be thier best selling bike.

  • Chiswick Honda

  • Do you mind me asking what Honda dealership this is? Me and Ray at P&H motorcycles Crawley wouldn't let this happen I'm sure!

  • Chiswick Honda

  • We sold 38 this year from P&H in Crawley and I could have easily sold 5 more if Honda had any

  • Is it a case of not actually the dealerships fault or is it direct to head office Honda not giving Chiswick Honda a response? I'm sure my SF came from them? If it was there the guys I spoke with were great as they wanted a swap with a vfr1200f I said you can have it for two groms like a kid in a playground and me and Vicky Reeves are both proud owners of two pearl himalayas white groms because of that dealership in think I'll check tomorrow?

  • Really? Sounds like a great swap if you ask me.

  • Mike E Edwards I can understand if they're busy but phone Responses from them have been a bit shitty as of late. I'm wondering if they'll charge me storage costs

  • And I'm not too sure what is going on over there...

  • I couldn't get a response from Chiswick Honda when I was looking to buy a Grom last summer, so I voted with my feet and went elsewhere! I bought a s/H car from there a couple of years previously and found them OK, even had follow up phone calls to see if everything was fine with the car?

  • New update, just got my estimate for the bike based on visual inspection... Not as bad as I first thought but I'm worried about when they strip down the bike fully... Additional parts may be needed

  • I had to deal with chiswick honda, very slow , q lot of the guys didnt have a clue what they were on about and they most certainly over charged me because they knew i was new to bikes