Soooooo has anybody ever attempted to lift an Aero I see everyone drop them...


Soooooo...has anybody ever attempted to lift an Aero? I see everyone drop them, but I want to get a little higher. Picture is what I'm working with.

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  • Go up one size in rear tire... if you haven't already to fix the speedo inaccuracies.

  • I'm not overly concerned about speedo accuracy so much as I am ground clearance. The engine will be the first thing to hit if you're even a smidge too aggressive off of the asphalt.

  • Since no one else asked, why?

  • My friend and I want to go on a trip. Camping is involved, and a few of the roads are not paved. He forgets that I do not have an enduro like his.

  • Yeah. 2 up and loaded makse for a low ride. Speed bumps and rocks suck but I still take her off road.

  • I'm not doing 2 up. But I will be loaded up with camping equipment. And I'm 295 it may as well be 2 up. Hahaha

  • What area do ya live

  • Also, I like to be different. Everyone else goes low and slow. The bike will never be fast, so I may as well be high and slow. Take that last sentence however you wish.

  • I live in eastern pa. Allentown is close enough for people to recognize. But he wants to go on a road trip to Massachusetts, Vermont and the like.

  • Shadows are not enduros to be sure. But I'll watch someone take theirs thru a motocross track. Lol

  • Side note: it's an 1100. I've grown to accept that there is a seriously limited aftermarket for go fast bits.

  • So. California

  • A slightly bigger tire will lift you up a small amount is what I was saying.

  • I've already had it off road. It ain't ever catching air with my ass on it, that I'll make sure of. But as I said, the engine is the lowest part of the front of the bike right after the front wheel. People have already cracked theirs by going off a curb too fast. I don't intend on doing anything that crazy.

  • Ah okay. I'll probably be going with a larger tire after I figure out the lift.

  • Yeah. I gotta go around many speedbumps. ... We're planning a campout along the Angeles Crest highway. Also along the Sierra Nevada's. Be careful.

  • Oh I will be. It's not touching any more dirt until I make a skid plate for the block.

  • There is a great video on you tube on how to pickup a down bike by yourself watch it does work even a 100 lb person can pick up a gold wing by themselves if they do it correctly.

  • type motorcycl tire size comparason link should come up that will give overall height

  • I know how to look up tires. Lol. That's not going to be an issue.

  • Aha.