Sorry for the terrible video bought this off a buddy of mine two weeks ago


Sorry for the terrible video, bought this off a buddy of mine two weeks ago(never even rode a bike before) finally got it started today, had to take the carb off(utter pain in the ass) and threw it back on and after 2 hours of troubleshooting finally got it to start and die a few times, this was the second time it actually idled, so adjusted and took it for a spin, and of course killed it, brought it back to the car jumped it again, and went to take off this time killed it instantly, I assumed the battery had some juice and went to start it and heard like a puff, I want to say near my right leg but that could've been a misfire, and zero juice from the starter, headlights and tail light worked though, so I don't think it's the battery, I'm assuming it's the fuse. Side note(don't know if its even relevant) used to I could put it in neutral and push it fine, now it seems to click into gear when it should be in neutral(while turned off)

Keep in mind, I work on VW bugs never motorcycles, so don't hate too much :P

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  • Clean those jets

  • Anybody else hear a timing issue? Maybe just my phone...

  • Yes

  • I had literally just gotten it started, after this I revved the engine and it died, so adjusted it more, by the time I was done it sounded a massive amount better

  • OK I thought it sounded funny. Idk how one would even go about tuning the timing on these bikes. Never had to on my Harley, oddly enough lol.

  • Definitely clean it thoroughly then post another vid. Sounds like one cylinder is hitting harder than the other and faster.

  • You'd hate to hear how it drove, was like fireworks going off for a second, had to stop and adjust it on the fly, still trying to bring it to decent level, any ideas on the starter? It doesn't even make a sound now

  • I'll need to, taking the carb on and off is an utter pain though, but after trial and error it should be easier to take off now that I have a better idea of what I'm doing

  • Ugh, none from me. I'd only cause trouble. Sorry. I'm not very talented with electrics lol.

  • There you go. I can take my seat off in 2 min flat now, from 3 hours a week ago lmao

  • Haha I feel ya there, luckily the buddy tried to turn this one into a bobber, and the seat isn't even bolted down, takes 2 seconds flat to take it off

  • That would probably help a lot, for a temp fix would sea foam work? I've used it inside of webers before, didn't want to risk it with this

  • Same thing happened to me with my 750. I couldn't figure it out so I called a Honda dealer and they asked if I jumped it with a car, which I did. they told me its bad for the bike and to get a new battery. Next day got a battery and it ran perfect.

  • Bad batterys can cause all kinds of wierd little issues including non start. Mine is starting to go bad... accidently grounded it works ok if i keep it on the charger.

  • Hopefully it's some as small as that. also be careful with jumping from a car it can blow the starter solenoid and there not cheap

  • You can jump from a car, just make sure the car isnt running!

  • Could it still be the battery if the lights and horn still work?