Sorry for the video but can t start it in gear w o both hands Died and wouldn...

Sorry for the video but can't start it in gear w/o both hands. Died and wouldn't start.

  • Try rocking it back and fourth while switching the shifter my 14 did the same thing to me and that worked for me im guessing it was helping lock the gears back in place (the rocking )

  • Not worried about it now.

  • Yea i sent mine back didnt want to worry about it locking and shutting down they replaced mine no problem.

  • Squeeze right brake trigger and u can start in gear

  • Shake it until it moves into neutral

  • It's the auto thTs why they are JUNK

  • Never buy a Honda that's not a foot shift Es stands for electric shit

  • Never had a single issue with both my 2014's es and dct. I've had mine handlebar deep on multiple occasions. I put dielectric grease in every electrical connection right after I purchased them.

  • Mine does the same thing. Took to dealer and they said its due to not down shifting when coming to a stop. I think it's BS! They even printed me off a page from some manual. You have to shut it off and turn back on, you will hear it trying to shift then it will shift. The only way I found it won't act up is driving in auto

  • Hold right brake and hit electric start