Sorry guys I deleted the twins post as someone objected to it it is on my own...


Sorry guys, I deleted the 'twins' post as someone objected to it! it is on my own timeline as 'friends only' post if you are on my friends list.. WTF...guess that's folks for you.. how odd..

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  • lol.. I thought it was hilarious and found the humour in it really funny, I couldn't give a monkies about the women was a joke, and not to be taken seriously! lol..oh well. I hope i didn't offend anyone but I have a copy if any of you want one lol..

  • I'm in New Zealand Tracy so appreciated the humour to wake up to. Need it to get through the day... But yay, it's Friday. Ridin' day tomorrow.

  • Now ways. People need to learn a sense of humor. If u can't laugh at life, u shud'nt of have joined

  • who complained? :D

  • laughed my socks of at your jokes ;))

  • It didn't say who complained Marcello , as it came directly linked to this page, so I was just asked to 'fill in' a form on the why did I think it had offended someone!! more like someones wife got the arse if they saw it via their hubbys 'like' status lol maybe? cos that is the only thing I can think of. It just came to me as 'being reported via and 'this page' came up in the heading, then it said for 'pornographic or nudity content' .... It's on my wall, and on the SP page so nobdoy offended there so guys, I reckon you are either gay,which is fine by me, or your wife/gf has emotional/control/anger/insecure tendencies.As I can think of no other reason it would be objected to on a page such as this one.. I personally have a double password and a coded password through nortron, not that I have anything to hide, but I firmly believe in 'privacy' is privacy regarelss I would not go through my hubbys stuff much less he would mine..If they trust aint their brothers and sisters, it aint worth it...

  • But they didn't get any further than this page to complain so that tells me they have zero access to SP page or my own wall or they'd not stopped there..this is why I think it is a members better half, or not, as the case may be lol

  • Thanks Helen Lincoln-Smith, I had a corker yesterday over my name on my lid, if you read the thread from the beg, you couldn't have made it up! hilarious... x

  • oh aye, and i've sent it to folk via pm lol so if you're looking in to check it's gone, I saved it lol

  • :-( sad . but I am on your friends list and just had a look :-) HAPPY (Y)