• Sorry to bother you guys again however while I had the black bullet out...

    Sorry to bother you guys again however while I had the black bullet out yesterday every time I put more than third throttle on she bogged down ad if not enough fuel . So me being me I tried full throttle thinking it wad perhaps a blocked carb . This didn't help lol .

    Sat fine on idle . Didn't break down but nursed her home now wondering where to start . Have mcct's on route and new plugs to go in . Have intentions of draining tank as it has sat for a month or so . Will check h.t leads while iam down there any other thoughts what could be the issue ? Also going to check valve clearances . Will i need new gaskets or are they rubber reusables ?

    • Maybe block air filter chap?? Carnt think of owt major maybe plugs aswell.

    • I have something very similar to this, my breather pipe was blocked and my petcock was perished...might be an option

    • Pip cock ?

    • Sorry Petcock

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    • Will let you .

    • I had the same problem a while ago, my mechanic said "before you try anything, put some Redex in with your next tank of fuel". I did and it cleared the problem within a few miles

    • Steven Stewart the earlier VTR's had a petcock (petrol/fuel cock/valve) the post '01 models with the bigger tank do not. Depending on the K's the bike has it is worth doing an airfilter change while the MCCT's are being done. They are bloody expensive for what they are but it sounds like starving of air. If it is not an OEM (Honda Original) filter this also causes running issues I have heard.

    • Ok so where do i get a replacement diaphragm from ? Will i need rocker cover gaskets for to check the valves (or it may just be like a re_usable rubber gasket?)