Sorry to keep posting


Sorry to keep posting!

I got my paint today for my cracked fairing. I just wanted some advice on the welding. My intention was this

1) get an old damaged fairing somewhere as it will be same plastic

2) take decals off fairing.

3) use soldering iron and melt plastic from a damaged fairing into both sides of the crack on my own. Sand down with drill end sander thing!

4) coat of primer

5) sand a little

6) spray the fast silver colour

7) get lacquer on

Does this seem right? Any other steps you guys have taken?

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  • Google bmw nose cone repair wheeler dealers

  • I thought I'd just keep updating this's a basic job...but doesn't seem to be looking too bad.

  • looking good mate

  • The silver is the undercoat for the yellow right? ;)

  • And the yellow is the base coat for the black! :)

  • Jay. Stop it. Yours still won't go fast! Lol

  • Awkward moment when it fell from height last night!!!

  • Having to redo it haha

  • Paint already ordered and on the way...