Sounds like a silly question but the OEM headers on the VTR are Stainless steel...


Sounds like a silly question, but the OEM headers on the VTR are Stainless steel right? Not chrome or brushed Alu? Also, your recommendation for cleaning off heat stain, and polishing after??


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  • Sweet, Cheers for your help :)

  • It's 23 pounds for 250 ml in uk

  • Try 2000 then 3000 wet and dry then polish with a stainless steel polish.

  • I used acid alloy wheel cleaner and scotvhbrite pads, worked a treat, you need to wear gloves tho, the lot was under £10

  • What can be done with a little (lot) of polishing

  • Or there is always Ceramic Coating.

  • Might sound funny but coka cola and steel wool will get most of it quickly and then if you want to polish after that

  • A little coke and steel wool about 2 minutes work

  • Might have to try this..

  • If you can do it over a bucket to catch the coke then re use it otherwise you go through too much

  • Nice. Could be a good option for future. So that way the polished look will be preserved? A quick research tells me this might cost around $160 or so in the US??

  • Clean the headers and a drink after. Awesome. Lol

  • They're stainless,..... As standard...... Honest?....I got some polishing to do mine look friggin awful

  • I should note that what i'm cleaning is not so much rust and corrosion, but heat stain. The silver patch is where I tested with a 3m scotchbrite pad.

    Done some experiments on different parts, as i've pottered around doing various jobs at home. Surprisingly I've not found coke or vinegar particularly effective in my case. (It's probably much more effective on rust, than heat stain) I've had a towel draped over header and periodically wetting with Coke.

    My best results seem to be coming from 3M Scotchbrite (green) pad. A bit of elbow grease still req'd.

    #0000 Fine grade steel wool doesn't seem as effective on the heat stains itself, but it seems it will be helpful in polishing once the stain is removed.

    Toying with the idea of using "pickling paste" which is normally used to clean up heat stains after SS welding work has been done. I'll need to buy some anyway, as a friend will be welding in 02 sensor bungs for me soon.