• Spot the difference

    Spot the difference

    • How do you find them? Have a set ordered

    • I literally just got them on 30 mins ago and took it out for a 2 min ride ..it feels so different and has a lot more grip compared to what I had before..then again I had Vees on the front for 17,000 miles ...lol

    • 17000 holy shit haha I've given up on them after 600 miles

    • Gary O'Callaghan yeh I think that's why I came off a couple times

    • What size is your Power Pure tires??? Need them.....

    • rear is 140/70 12 front is 120/70 12

    • Thank's very much!!!

    • Nice grom

    • Dope Grom!!!!!

    • RT, is your seat the standard one?

    • Yeh, I put the standard back ..

    • Bike looks great! Have you got an updated mod list/video?

    • Asif Khetab thanks man..I haven't really done much else since my last mods list video 9 months ago..


    • No problem mate. I've Seen that video a few times :) when have you got your bike test booked in for? The big bike scene is awaiting your arrival :)

    • Asif Khetab I know man haha..I'm doing it in August

    • Cage? Love the looks!