Spot what s wrong

Spot what's wrong :(

  • Rounded the nut off?

  • You got it Jake Simpson. Locating tab has snapped. Didn't torque the sprocket bolt up properly so it was my own doing :'(

  • Oh dear was it running ok?

  • The holding pin has snap off the sprocket

  • Yup! It ran for a wee while and then CLICK CLICK CLICK

  • How long you had it

  • 9 months.

  • Take it back to honda stay it's started making some random sound don't say you done any think to it though

  • Did it bend the valves ?

  • Nah, valves are OK. Only just touched the piston, just enough to make a mark in the carbon build up.

  • Click click click or tick tick tick? Mine was tick tick tick n Karl Waldron told me to put some oil in the cam chain tensioner prime hole and mines been fine ever since still a slight tick noting like it was tho

  • Now you can adjust cam timing where you want.