• Spotted this lovely green MSX. so who does this belong to

    Spotted this lovely green MSX..so who does this belong to??

    • It's the same, Now ridding Grom(Thailand)

    • :p

    • Nice video Raj!

    • What software do you use to edit your videos?

    • I use a mac so sometimes I use final cut sometimes I use Imovie.. I prefer final cut as it can export in 60fps

    • Raj are you coming to the Ace meet in a few weeks.

    • Hell Yeh I am Lee..!! I wouldn't miss it for the world..

    • Hi RT, I'm gobsmacked to see you on here ☺ I follow you on YouTube since you started. You've done well for yourself. I've had my MSX for 2 months now and love it. Maybe we could ride together one day, I'm only down by Gatwick. Take care and keep up your Vlogs. Ps new body armour looks mint.

    • Nice colour ! And bought from same dealer as mine, Dobles :)