springer front end finally found one cheap enough here in Oz now I just need...

springer front end. finally found one cheap enough here in Oz.... now I just need to work out how to bolt this sukka on

  • let us know how easy or hard it is to bolt on, i am thinking about a springer front end too

  • This one is 24" and jjst goes onto the neck, so need to do a little surgery to change the rake, but IL keep you posted

  • I'm thinking I need some help on this mod, so I'll engage a somewhat professional

  • Anit going to just bolt up ,you got some serious fabricating to do on frame

  • I don't believe he's Knows what is a involved, like you said ,ugly frames ,and crappy steel that does not weld well,never had real long time welds hold they re crack at joint ,looks like you might be a little better mechanic than most on here, changing the rake is big job ,and you need just a little more than common sense ,you better have some skills too

  • Yeah, figured so, but I recon it would look awesome