Started on apes. finally got risers in. Any tips


Started on apes. finally got risers in. Any tips

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  • I got all the wires in the bar

  • Nice brother. It's like power steering for motorcycles. Love my Apes.

  • Amen

  • 1 1/4 bar so wire fit easily

  • Yeah, mine weren't too bad. I used heat shrink on all of the wires for some added protection, so it made it a little stiff, but wasn't terrible.

  • How did you run your wire when it comes out bottom of bars

  • Gotta ask brother. Where did you get your headlight and how much was it? Really want one.

  • Fuck man how long are your arms lol. I'm 6'3'' and that looks like it'd be a stretch.

  • I am 6.2 now I have the 18" bars, I have no problem at all..

    Already started to feel I need longer ones.. hehe

  • Love the bars man, working on the same ones as soon as my extended cables get here. Any tips on running wires through the bars? You and Maurice have some pretty clean setups.

  • Use a nut a string to feed threw bars then tie to pull wire feed back threw and tie pull wire threw. Also stagger you cuts and connections so wire don't get to fat

  • I used a cotter pin and a string and my air compressor to blow the cotter pin through the bars then used Dawn soap on the cables and pulled through. There are some sharp burrs inside the bars that you have to be careful of. Just go slow push from one end and pull from the other you might have to go in inch at a time. Push an inch then pull and inch. Be sure to tape the leading end of the wires into a cone shape to help to not catch on the corners inside the bars.

  • Staggering the splices is a very good tip. Not sure if you have any electrical experience or experience pulling cables, but I used a Timberhitch to tie the string to the cables to make A pulling head

  • Thank you!

  • Thank you!

  • Wire with bars off bike a lot easier

  • and soldier soldier soldier do not use butt connectors or strip wire and twist together and tape. Only soldier connections and heat shrink connectors will com loose

  • Yup, just bought some new Flux and solder. Headed to get heat shrink.

  • Here's what mine left switch looked like

  • Here's is where they came out

  • Why though they look over the top and i'm sure don't ride all that well?

  • Of course I can't compare the comfort with the previous bars I had, but this one is same level with my shoulders which is not a problem to me, feels and ride comfortably.. it's a matter of getting used to it.

  • Hmm i've never had apes especially that sized they just look like you'd lose control over the bike up that high but i wouldn't know lol. I'm getting 8 inch mini apes soon and giving them a try.

  • Before getting the 8", try to ride a bike with high apes.. it feels awesome trust me..even the control is very smooth..

    For your height you need bigger than the 8" unless you want a bobber..

  • Yea riding with the drag bars kills my back at the moment lol. I'll ride my cousins harley he has huge apes on his sportster 1200 thx

  • Try to borrow his bike for few hours and feel the difference.. hehe I am sure you'll change your mind..