Stephen Lennox shared a link to the group: Honda MSX125 Owners Club.


Has anyone seen these seat covers? I ran into a guy on the weekend who had a similar one from another company on a DR650 and I really liked it. He said it made the seat softer. That company does not make one that will fit the Grom, but this company has one available for the Grom (MSX125). The seat is so hard I thought that it was worth at try. It should arrive in two weeks or less. I am not selling this, I just thought it was a cool find.

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  • I can't open the link, but have something very very similar on my Kwak Z750s as they have notoriously bad seats for long journeys - it makes the world of difference.

    It's a 'Sit and Fly' from Israel.

  • It was the Sit & Fly that this guy had. It seemed like it would be really comfortable. When I contacted Sit & Fly they said they did not have a seat that would work on the MSX 125. It would have to be pulled over and stapled on. I found this one instead. So far, the communication with they company has been good so I ordered it. We shall see. Fingers crossed. They are also on Facebook.

  • I havet godt the Seat concepts seatcover and foam. Not installed yet but looks comfy

  • Wow. That looks nice. Out of my budget though.!/Honda-GROM/p/29443489/category=1671356