• Stephen Stewart shared a link to the group: Honda MSX125 Owners Club.

    People been asking about frames. Here's one but sounds dodgy

    • This ad looks more dodgy than V-Rubbers on dry road

    • Was just about to tag you Ezra lol

    • Found it while I was scrolling down the group

    • His ebay name

    • 100% positive feedback aswell

    • You can buy the frame from Honda for 360$ if your in the states not sure if it would be the same price in the UK

    • In today's money, a brand new Grom frame in the UK is like £546-600 including VAT ($668-734) depending where you get it from.. There's cheaper alternatives but these are typical prices from Honda specialists

    • Shame its only useful for a field bike and defo dodger than vee rubber

    • 362.01$ crazy it's more expensive over there

    • ZemiGod Maquetaurie Guayaba Yeah, our currency is not in the best condition atm

    • Lol I'd feel hella broke out there then

    • Is it me or has the vin been removed?

    • Yeah it has

    • That's sweet Scott, Ezra can pin his VIN straight on

    • If I turned up to the next meet on that stolen frame, that's a instant ban from the group... Done some silly things in my time but deffo not doing that

    • Get it powder coated and like Jack said stick your vin on it

    • Tbh mate a frame is a frame