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What are the benefits of adding this

Has anyone on fitted one and found a difference to the handling of their storm.

  • Not massive lean

  • No not that bad but I'd thought I'd tell ya

  • I've had a 6mm spacer in my rear shock on both of mine ,first one went on my yellow one 2 yrs ago mega difference in the corners particularly when on a good bend as it helps pick the bike back up nicely from a bit of a lean..It does make a difference on the plus side, well I thought so anyway..I was impressed and when I bought my newer model last Sept/Oct, was first thing I did. we both have them on our bikes me and hubby..I can't say it made anything negative to be honest..

  • Would not ride without it now. I went 5mm

  • Mine's got one. Works well with my straight bars up front. I think the spacer is too thick though as the suspension linkage at the bottom makes contact with the exhaust when it's at full extension (i.e without me on it). :/

  • it's dead easy too, takes 10 mins = job done..:p

  • I've fitted a 6mm too - found it was difficult to hold a line through the corners naturally (ie, without even thinking about it). Much better with the spacer - really transformed it. Still thinking about dropping the forks a little too.....

  • will see how it goes but must say i have no prob the now with getting in and out of corners so should be interesting when done.

  • Do you have to adjust the chain after installing the spacer

  • Yeh chain gets slack needs ajusting